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CRAZE DOG is a brand that expresses style through golf accessories. With unique designs and distinctive products, the aim is to enhance customers' enjoyment of golf.


For this reason, a logo and packaging were created for CRAZE DOG. Using only black and white, a checkerboard pattern was incorporated as a focal point to add a unique touch. The character logo combines the 'C' and 'D' of CRAZE DOG, creating a memorable and distinctive logo. There are two versions of the logo—one with a clean design using sans-serif fonts and another with a graffiti-style font for a more artistic and personalized feel.

Role: Brand Design | Product Design | Package Design | Photography

Logo Design Process

Logo & Character Design

Logo idea-01.jpg
Logo idea-03.jpg
스크린샷 2024-02-02 오후 3.43.03.png
스크린샷 2024-02-02 오후 3.41.32.png
스크린샷 2024-02-02 오후 3.36.53.png
Mounts PKG Mockup.png
ball marker.png
Mounts PKG Mockup.png
Plain Black - Ball Marker with hat clip_.jpg
스크린샷 2024-02-02 오후 4.16.47.png
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