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With a background in fashion design and graphic design, she is a talented graphic designer based in Toronto. Specializing in creating captivating visuals, she offers a wide range of services including social media design, website development, email marketing, product photography, and video production for e-commerce brands. Her expertise extends to various graphic design projects, from crafting enticing event menus for food-related companies to designing restaurant menus and developing cohesive brand identities.​Known for her exceptional eye for detail, she brings brand images to life through the use of clean and minimalist colour palettes, and precise and refined lines. Her designs are striking, legible, and thoughtfully executed, delivering impactful visual experiences that resonate with audiences. By emphasizing brand identity and maintaining a consistent aesthetic, she helps businesses establish a strong and recognizable presence.​With a passion for creating visually compelling designs, she strives to exceed client expectations and leave a lasting impression. Her extensive experience in the field, coupled with her commitment to excellence, makes her an invaluable asset in the world of graphic design.

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